Causes Of Corruption In Bangladesh

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Corruption is a common phenomenon not a new because of the whole world is enclosing in corruption which is the biggest threat to the development. Corruption is a major problem for developing country although it has been a burning question in Bangladesh. Today‚Äôs Bangladesh has become one of the most corrupted country for the reason that Transparency International found Bangladesh the world 's most corrupted country for five consecutive year. As a result, the general people of Bangladesh suffer a lot due to corruption. Now Bangladesh 13th most corrupted country according to Transparency International. So we can easily say that administration system of Bangladesh is going very badly as a consequence of corruption. Now it is an integral part …show more content…
Economic collapse is also the result of corruption.

Greediness: People become very greedy when they enter in administration. They try to collect money as much as they can in Bangladesh.

Nepotism: Political leader who believe in his own interest rather than the public interest it is the one of the major reason for corruption in Bangladesh.

Low wages: The vast majorities of the workers in government part are paid low wages and pay rates. Corruption higher when public salaries are relatively low.

Absence of unity in public: there is no solidarity among people in Bangladesh for raise their voice against corruption.
Absence of Independent analyst agency: Bangladesh has no independent investigator office which can explore with full power and flexibility to uncover the degenerate people.
Poor leadership: Lack of good leadership is responsible for corruption because Good leader lead people towards development, advancement and development.

Delaying system: Excessive red-tape in administration is responsible for corruption because delaying system prevent working
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Weakness of law implementation: As there is no strict punishment for corruption people will continue to give and take bribe.

Decline of personal ethical sensitivity: Lack of education and bad learning experience

How to decline corruption: Reducing corruption should be the top most priority in view of the increasing administrative corruption of Bangladesh. To save our country from social conflict, poverty, injustice etc, we must need a corruption free administration.
There are some ways of reducing corruption.
Increase salaries: Higher salaries can decrease corruption because employees corrupt when they cannot lead good life by reason of low salary.

Demand accountability; Political leader, civil servant and private sector are answerable or liability for their respective duty. Accountability ensures good performance of employee.
Concentrate on education: proper education can motivate into positive way which will helps to reduce corruption.

Make a culture of integrity: We need to ensure a culture of fairness in our society that will help us to reduce corruption from

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