Causes Of Animal Overpopulation

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The main cause of the overpopulation of cats and dogs is the lack of control of the over reproduction. The excessive reproduction of these animals are causing serious consequences on public health. The overpopulation of cats and dogs is due to lack of awareness of people. Factors such as pet shops and the human need of having a pet are the contributors to the grow of the animal overpopulation. Throughout time cats and dogs have become a necessity for people in their daily lives. People is well known to always be dissatisfied with what they have and for that reason it is easy to find animals left in the shelters just because they are unwanted. The elimination of animals is not a method to help control overpopulation responsibly. These practices …show more content…
On the other hand, there is sterilization practices that not only help the animal control proliferation, and at the same time improving the health of the pet and living in harmony with society.
Studies by Fournier and Geller (2004) find that the behavior of pets companion is a factor where pets owners attitude is the factor in the animal overpopulation. Animal overpopulation is a problem that can be prevented; Therefore, studies have concluded that desired of the human need to have a pet can be improved and reduced on the settlement of cats and dogs. "Animal care is provide by Individuals with good intentions but with little to no appropriate population training in husbandry, behavior, animal health, and or veterinary medicine."(Sandra Newbury, Mary k. Blinn, Gary J. Patronek, Wes Jones, Lila Miler, Jeanette O’queen, Martha Smith-blackmore,Miranda Spindel, Philip A. Bushby, Cinthia Barker, Julie D.
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The benefit for pet owner is the social support that the pet can give them. Studies by McConnell & Brown (2011) demonstrate that “possessing greater social support improves psychological and physiological health.” However, people uses these animals, cats and dogs, for different purpose. Some are use as food for people and others use them for company, socialization, or just to do something. People has use the cats and dogs as animals of companion trying to substitute their real relations with partners, children or family members. The new dog owner most of the time does not know about the responsibilities that is to have a pet. The high demand on pets is what determines how it is the supply therefore the existence of breeders and pet shops. The breeders is a way to keep fueling the animal proliferation. People choose to buy a puppy or kitten instead of going for the adoption in a shelter where animals day by day are exposed to be euthanized once they lose the opportunity to find a home. Reproducing animals for sale, it is a selfish business where they are only contributing to the animal proliferation. The animals like cats and dogs dies in shelters just to the reason of the reproduction done by breeders. These animals are the one suffering from the people’s manipulation and affecting the animal's health; therefore, it is causing sometimes genetic defects like blindness, heart defects

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