Persuasive Speech On Puppy Mill

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Squish, squash, and splat are some of the noises heard as if someone would walk through piles of feces, urine, and other bodily fluids like they would walk through a yard on a snowy blizzard day. Dogs loudly barking, howling, growling, whining trying to be heard by a savior to rescue each one from the horrid abuse. Each dog that lives at a puppy mill does not live at all as most are matted with fur, covered in feces from the dog living in the cage above them, crusted eyes shut, and even diseases. Bial acknowledges that “puppy mills keep breeding dogs in overcrowded, shabby, and unsanitary cages-often rows of cages stacked on top of each other. To make waste cleanup easier, the cages have wire floors that injure paws and legs” (Bial 12). Thousands …show more content…
Every year, however, some four million dogs in the United States have to be “put down” or “put to sleep” which has become a tragedy in our own midst”(Bial 12). With puppy mills booming, people buying puppies from pet stores, shelter animals get looked over, which can cost their life. The treatment dogs receive in puppy mills goes unnoticed by people. Making an awareness and advocating about the treatment puppy mills will begin to diminish. Another way to close down a puppy mill is to stop buying puppies from pet stores. Anyone searching for a loving dog would not buy a dog or puppy that looked mangy, dirty, or sickly. So do not buy a puppy from a store that may promote that, because that is how the puppy’s parents look like. Dogs of all breeds are overly bred in puppy mills which causes health problems and even death in the parent dog, sometimes the puppies as well. Living in their own feces, urine, and dead littermates can cause those health problems, along with inbreeding. That is one of the few ways for puppy mills to close down. Bial states in Rescuing Rover “How can we put an end to puppy mills? People can take an active role in fighting them by working with such animal welfare groups as the ASPCA and the HSUS to pass laws that ensure that all animals are bred to be pets are raised in healthy conditions” (Bial 28). Many animal activists will agree with taking a stand as Bial has stated but another way is submitting …show more content…
Instead look at the many shelters in the local area, many shelters have purebred dogs, and even puppies. It is sad that a dog, puppy, or even a cat has to die because someone is buying from a pet store. Shelters get a bad name because many are high kill shelters, while others are not. The people that volunteer at shelters care about animals and want to help stop the overpopulation but it is inevitable if there are people out there running puppy mills breeding 500 or more dogs every 3 months. The people that run and operate puppy mills do not care about the wellbeing of the animals they are selling, they only care about how much money is going in to their pockets. Upon the act of puppy mills and over breeding dogs a lot of diseases and illnesses have become normal for the breed of certain dogs. Once over breeding is not an issue anymore, such thing will not be able to continue, like some animal activists may believe it

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