Causes And Consequences Of Divorce Essay

853 Words Oct 18th, 2016 4 Pages
High hopes lead to huge disappointments. Sometimes individuals set unrealistic expectations in their significant other, which is why divorce has become one of the biggest disappointments in life. Most marriages often end in divorce due to several reasons. The most common causes would be infidelity, lack of communication, and abuse. Also getting married too young could lead to divorce because of the lack of experience in relationships. Throughout the years, it has become easier to get a divorce which is probably one of the reasons it is so common nowadays. Back in the early 1900’s it was illegal to get a divorce. Therefore, couples tried harder to keep their marriage and understand each other.
One of the major reasons that cause divorce is infidelity. Being betrayed by the person someone is supposed to live a happy life is not easy to deal with. It is the feeling of rejection and emotional discomfort that often leads to divorce after infidelity. Such adverse feelings are difficult to put behind and numerous individuals feel there is no real way to reconstruct confide in the marriage. No matter how hard somebody tries after that happens, there is no going back. Although the couple can get through it, but the relationship just will not be the same anymore. Because once infidelity happens the individual might live with the fear of that situation happening again. No human being deserves to live that way so, sometimes divorce is the only way out of that uncomfortable and…

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