Cheating Children Research Paper

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Chiding Cheating Children
Children today are watched especially close for cheating and plagiarism, not because schools trust them less, but because more of them are cheating on assignments than ever before. This is a serious problem that needs to be addresses, as it can cause horrible short and long term consequences. However, there is some debate as to how this should be done. Most of the causes for cheating are well known; laziness, insufficient upbringing, and, believe it or not, stress and anxiety. Typically, people don’t think of the casual ‘B’ student, third grade boy, as suffering from anxiety or stress, so when he is caught cheating the other, more easily correctable, causes come to mind. While all of these issues can be prompting factors to cheating, stress and anxiety are the leading causes. The most popular excuse for a cheating child is laziness. Because of technology and the growing problem of childhood obesity, it is easy to say that Americas youth is less active, and by extension, lazier than ever. As it might be true that children collectively do not exercise or go outside as often, childhood obesity does not support that
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By saying that a child did not have a proper upbringing to teach them not to cheat, teachers or other members of society are calling his or her parents out for their mistakes, something no one wants to happen to them, and giving the child an excuse to perform and behave poorly. Not only is this argument extremely accusational, it is also nearly unsupportable. This is due to the fact that every child is different and responds to situations uniquely. If David, a fifth grade boy who moved in with his drunkard father, starts cheating on his homework and tests, it does not mean that Sara, also a fifth grader who is in the same situation, would then start cheating on her school work as well. Therefore, to assume poor parenting can be a generalized cause of cheating is without a

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