Essay about Cause And Effect Of Bullying

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Purpose The goal of all this research is to find what is the cause of bullying. Is the cause of bullying due to the fact that American society has set rules for male and females, or that researches only do their study of the emotions or behaviors that are associated with bullying overall. Taking an indivusalize approach towards causing of bullying gives a better foundation of preventing bullying. Muller did an individualized study based on US adolescents exaiming thier sexuallity, gender and race(Muller ). Her finding of each race, gender and sexuality gave a more in depth pattern. For instance, she found that most white and Hispanic gay and bisexual males are more likely to be bullied than white heterosexual adolescence(Muller ). This gives evidence of where other researchers could continue to look at white heterosexuals that are apparently doing most of the bullying and that could be used to figure out why is this specific race and sexuality doing this. Being more specific in a researcher findings can give more of a understanding of bullying. For instance, Menesini takes a Multilevel approach that gives details on classroom norms and bullying in adolescents. He found that boys were more disengaged than their classmates were more like likely to be bullied(Muller ). By having detail as to what sets a victim apart from a bully is a huge help in a class setting. Muller does not focus on just emotions, but gives feedback to the foundation of indivualizing the study of a…

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