Cause And Effect Of An Inadequate Department Manager Essay examples

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Danger Signals in my Organization The number one cause of failure in my organization is getting the right people in the right position. Too often, the hiring principles of my organization are compromised due to the need of placing someone in the position immediately. This, in turn, will then create a big snowball effect for the department. If an inadequate department manager is put in place with very little background skills of leadership, they will cause a lot of miscommunication going up the chain of management as well as down the chain to hourly sale associates. Hourly sales associate become fearful of communicating information with new management staff that creates an extreme lack of communication throughout the whole department. The organization needs to outline a clear perception of what the main thing is and what is expected of them. The organization has a lot of turnover in every department because of these scenarios. This includes both the management and hourly staff. The company is constantly hiring, spending adequate time on training, but then consistently lose employees within a short time frame. Everyone seems to have little focus of what the department goals are with minimal communication being expressed. There are just bodies being placed in positions with no real backgrounds being evaluated or their skill level. The organization has become desperate for employees.
Danger Signal One in my Organization
I. Employees are being hired at a fast pace. The only…

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