Cause And Effect Of A Hurricane Essay

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Hurricanes hit land with a lot of force; bringing waves and large amounts of rain in addition to the extreme weather conditions it also affects lots of family’s like one hurricane; hurricane Irene. Hurricanes are very devastating, they can appear anywhere at any time and cause major damage, to the cities and the people that live in those areas that are affected by it. Many weather factors have to be present in order for a perfect storm to happen. First, in General a hurricanes, will happen during a “hurricane season” In the Atlantic Hurricane season is usually the first of June through the thirtieth of November. In the Northeast Pacific basin the season is late may to early June. However there is nothing magical about these dates, as hurricanes …show more content…
Hurricane Irene was a massive storm that covered the east coast from North Carolina to New England and parts of Canada. The storm caused a lot of damage to many states and the people and animals that live in them. There was massive flooding of roads, mudslides, and complete destruction of property and forest areas. First type of damage is flooding; when hurricanes come in from the ocean they bring large waves of strong waters which cause flooding of the streets, in addition for people who live inland, flooding from hurricanes can still happen by the amount of rain that the hurricane brings. Second type of damage is mudslides when the rain from the hurricanes hits the ground in large amounts its starts eroding the ground so the soil gets weak and starts to move which causes roads to collapse in and houses fall. Last type of damage is from the debris the hurricanes throw around, the debris hits trees, and houses. All of these types of damage cause people and animals to be homeless (Stanne, 2012). Hurricane Irene caused 16 Billon dollars in damage also it cause 45 deaths and 12 injuries throughout multiple states. The impact of Irene was seven million homes and businesses where destroyed, lots of people lost their jobs due to the storm, in addition, of the states affected they did not have power for weeks, so they could not rebuild very quickly (staff writer,

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