Cause And Effect Essay About Being Bored

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“Why am I so bored!” Have you ever yelled this to yourself and thought that you don’t know how to fix your boredom. If you have, you're not alone, a lot of people think the same way. Those people also had link between what they do in their free time and how much they're bored, and this could cause those people a lot of problems in the future.
Being bored could be hurting your physical and mental health. Over the weekend, for a thirteen year old boy named Spencer Seehafer was super bored. “Why is there nothing I can do Spencer yelled in his head”. He thinks this while he lays in bed doing nothing. And studies show that being bored is catastrophic for your health.
A lot of people that are bored are not part a many out of school activities. Three
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Psychologist Stephen Vodanovich from the University of West Florida did research over two decades and found that people that are bored often have a higher chance of developing anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol addictions. Also people that are bored can have more angry or aggressive behaviors and perform worse in school and work. Those are some reasons why being bored is dangerous because I can change your entire life.
This means that many people could be at risk because a lot of people are bored during school. Some things that students at JRG middle school have said about being bored. “EVERY DAY ALL DAY LONG”, “Often in school”, “7am to 3pm”. This shows that many kids are bored during school. But when those kids are out of school they are not bored anymore because they have activity. Except for the kids who don’t have any after school activities so they are bored all the time and this can become a serious problem if this continues to happen.
From the survey a reporter took at JRG middle school, he found that the people that are the most bored always have something to do. But the problem is that they are doing something that they probably don’t want to do so they are still bored. Spencer Seehafer has had the same thing happen to him where he is super bored, but he is still doing

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