Divorce: Causes And Consequences

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Divorce: Causes and Consequences The high rates of divorce are a worrying trend amongst psychologists. It is a societal issue that continues to separate many families. At times, divorce is the only choice and sometimes it is the best choice. However, it always leaves the family devastated since normal activities are no longer normal. In this book, Clarke-Stewart and Brentano seek to present the latest information on divorce, its causes and consequences. In particular, the authors seek to give information on how different members of the family are affected by divorce. It is important to understand that divorce does not occur at once, it is a process that the family has to go through and its effects can be felt even after the divorce papers have been signed. Chapter five of this book presents an in-depth analysis of the effects of divorce on children which is an important topic to discuss. Statistics as presented in this book indicate that more than one million children each year have to go through divorce (Clarke-Stewart & …show more content…
However, the feelings of loss or grief are still as intense as in younger children. The process of sadness may begin well before the parents decide to get a divorce. Conflict between parents leaves children feeling anguished and helpless. For young adolescents, divorce creates an identity crisis. At this stage, living with only one parent means that young adults have to take up more responsibilities in the home. This may give them a feeling of maturity, which in many cases is unreal (Clarke-Stewart & Brentano, 2006). At this age, if not watched properly, young adolescents may become extremely angry at the situation. For older adolescents, divorce may lead them into risky behavior, drug abuse and even criminal activity (Clarke-Stewart & Brentano, 2006). Older adolescents from divorced families are likely to get into trouble than those from nondivorced

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