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It is always important to research your interviewee before conducting your interview. The main reason is because you never want to offend anyone nor do you want to be disrespectful without actually meaning it. If you want a good turnout especially in a business setting always see whom your audience is. Some common areas of intercultural misinterpretations are female-male interaction, respectfulness, attire, and language. Keywords: interview, respect, Japan, persuasion, taboos

In scenario number two, Margaret Owens is getting ready to conduct interviews in order to find Japanese representatives to help her company market a line of pharmaceuticals in Japan. After having her interview with the Japanese representative she was
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Another common area of intercultural misinterpretation is “techniques of persuasion.” I think this area was important for Margaret Owens to know. The reason is because she was there looking for Japanese representatives for her drug company so she somewhat needed to persuade them to come to her company. She failed at her task when she began to ask them open up to her about personal matters. If she had researched the Japanese culture she would then know that by doing that it could be taken as rude and disrespectful (Bell, 2010).
Language and translation is also important and another area of common intercultural misunderstanding. It is always important to know what ethnicity you will be dealing with you that you can prepare yourself for any language barriers. You always want to know if they can speak English (or your language) or if you will need a translator with you and if that is appropriate (Bell, 2010). Again, this case was very vague so we don’t know if these Japanese who were interviewing knew English or not? But lets say they only knew some. Since this was an interview to hire Japanese representatives to promote a line of drugs in Japan maybe the interviewees only knew some English. With that being said, maybe Margaret was not getting much out of them due to the language barrier and maybe she needed a translator with her (Burgess, 2003).
Taboos are another common intercultural misunderstandings. With this study case

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