How Did Starbucks Reach Its Iconic Status?

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Tall, Grande, Venti
Beyond a Cup of Coffee
Why Read About Starbucks? In the 1980’s the term “coffee shop” evokes the image of a warm, cozy store that sells hot caffeinated beverages and warm comfort foods. But when you think “coffee shop” now, your mind automatically reverts you to your local Starbucks branch. I was so intrigued by the natural attraction people have to Starbucks even though Starbucks is just the average coffee shop sitting on just about every street corner. What about the concept of trademarked coffee makes it so much more special than brewing it ourselves? Throughout my non-fiction journey, I was able to find out about this iconic company’s history, philosophy and path to success.
How did Starbucks Begin?
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Unlike most consumer brands, Starbucks does spend millions of dollars every year on advertising to gain attention to its products. Instead, Starbucks attracts customers by the display of their storefronts, putting stores in populated areas, word-of-mouth interactions and selling a variety of products, such as various types of coffees, teas, cookies, cakes, pastries, sandwiches etc.
• Starbucks uses little money on advertising. Depends on word-of-mouth and storefronts. Also joined into ice cream with Dreyer’s and into Frappuccino with Pepsi ("Starbucks Corporation," Sec 3).
• Testing “light roast” blends for customers who find offerings too strong, apple cider made exclusively for Starbucks by Nantucket Nectars. The company was also selling chocolate bars and other candy ("Starbucks
Corporation," Sec 1).
• Never done traditional advertising for Starbucks. Success is because of interactions (Schultz and Gordon, 211).
• Not only espresso drinks, but non-espresso drinks, sandwiches, pastries, and salads are offered ("How Did Starbucks Begin?").
• “Starbucks wants to be the first thing people think when they think

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