Case Study: Buzzing Beans Coffee Co.

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Marketing Project – Buzzing Beans Coffee Co.

Marketing Mix


Buzzing Beans Coffee Co. is a brand that needs to be built and fully recognized. One day it will be known in the coffee world as a juggernaut. Therefore the brand itself can be seen as a product. Upon walking in the vibrant and eclectic coffee shop you immediately look around and see freshly packed coffee beans, and contraptions that brew and hold coffee.

Buzzing Beans Coffee Co. being a small up and coming specialty store does not have too many products. What products the shop has is of very high quality and is backed by a money back guarantee. Customers who come into the shop are of all shapes and sizes. Moms to executives all come into the shop to get their caffeine
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However Buzzing Beans Coffee Co. is different from other coffee shops, and the shop differentiates itself with very high quality products at a reasonable price and pairing it with unparalleled customer service. The coffee is brewed in-house and the beans are cooked in a very special facility and the process is a well-kept secret. The beans are sourced from all parts of the world and are only from the most exotic places on the world. This is a big factor that differentiates us from other coffee companies. All mugs are hand made and tested for stability and uniqueness. The brewing machines like the French presses are also hand made, but the electronic brewing machines are bought from distributors. Brands in the coffee shop range from Keurig-Tassimo. The reason for going towards big name brands on the single serve coffee makers is due to brand loyalty. When it comes to the coffee industry so many brands have such a following that having these brands in the shop is a must to actually sell coffee makers. The coffee makers aren’t what make us the money; it’s the coffee that goes with it. Therefore selling the coffee makers is a necessary evil. Our best seller in the shop is Keurig and the K-cups we have branded with Keurig (which is a very rigorous and costly project but well worth it for long term return on investment). Overall are inaugural store sells several products but nowhere near a chain coffee shop like …show more content…
has not done much in any means when it comes to promoting the shop. The biggest form of promotion thus far has been word of mouth. With word of mouth business has picked up exponentially, but still more is needed. What has been done to add to the shop is how we train our staff members. The baristas are trained in a very rigorous course on coffee and how to make coffee properly, but the coffee is not all that matters. The service itself also matters immensely. Therefore the staff is trained in how to properly take care of a customer. That is one way to promote the shop but advertising is of great importance and has not been a focal point. Advertising is now being shifted as a focal point. Forms of advertising will include: social media, online advertisements, t-shirts and mugs with the logo, possibly billboards, and sales. Competitors use commercials and online advertising as forms of promotion, and other competitors do not have to focus on advertising due to the following of the brand

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