Case Study: Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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What if you did not get paid for the work that you've done while others profited greatly on you and your work for them? That is the case for college athletes. The issue is that NBA prospects should have an option to declare for the NBA draft. Although basketball players may be more mature through going to college, the NBA should allow players to be able to be drafted out of high school due to NCAA violations, maximizing financial potential and injuries.

To start the NCAA violations that I am referring to the players accepting money or other things they not supposed to. Since they are considered amateurs rather than professionals they are not allowed to be compensated for their work this also helps the NCAA keep its non-profit organization title. When someone accepts money or other things and is caught not only are they punished, but the school is punished as well. For example, in
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I would say that one year of NBA experience is better and more valuable than one year in college since the NBA has better staff, competition, better training and on the side you make lots of money. Players after one year in the NBA will be more skilled and talented than just one year in college. Next is the free education argument. How good is free education for these athletes? For NBA prospects in college means nothing since they are going to the NBA soon. NBA player Ben Simmons talks about how you only need a 2.5 GPA and have to only show up to your classes through one semester to be NCAA eligible. He wished he could go to the NBA out of high school so that he could get paid. The NBA draft would be the same since the best players would get drafted at the highest positions. The only thing that would change is the hype around seeing an athlete getting drafted from your college disappear at

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