Essay on Case Study : Wal Mart Wander

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“Wal-Mart Wander”
During my Wal-Mart wander I noticed in the pharmacy section that there was only women working in that section and the pharmacist was a woman as well. I also noticed in the checkout section all women were checking out customers. Where were all the men? I’ll tell you, they were in the back unloading boxes from trucks and putting them on the shelves. I didn’t see any women working back there when I was observing. I’m guessing they have the men in charge of unloading boxes and putting them on shelves because of the back baring labor and that’s a man’s job to be doing all the heavy lifting. I have to say though, there are some pretty strong women out there that could just as easily get the job done. I’m guessing they put the women in charge of checking out the customers because women tend to be more sociable than me. I would have to say that the least effected category in the store was the music department. I saw an equal of women and men working together. During my experience at Wal-Mart there are many motives that claimed gender is mainly learned through socialization. One of my motives is when I go to Wal-Mart and get paint, there is always a gentlemen there to do the task; never a woman. When I was little I noticed it as well and I always thought that it was because it had to deal with outside work, therefore it was a man’s job. Now that I am older, I think a woman would be able to handle the task very well. Another thing that I notice was the toy…

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