Case Study Sheet Analysis Of Tata Motors

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Term Project
Industry: Automobile
Company: TATA Motors

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Date: 12th August, 2015

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Company Background:
Tata Motors company is India's largest automobile company, with revenue of INR 2,62,796 Crores (USD 42.04 Billion) in 2014-15.This group's over 60,000 employers. Tata Motors also listed in New York Stock Exchange (September 2014), has emerged as an international
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Tata motors trades at a P/E multiple of 6.6, which is lower than the five year average of 8.5.Investors advise to buy Tata Motors because of its potential growth prospect and compelling valuations. Analyst said there is more upside for Tata Motors, which own Land Rover and Jaguar and its trading close to its 52-week low of rupees 366.25. BALANCE SHEET ANALYSIS
We have 5 years balance sheet of Tata Motors through which we compare the value of assets and liabilities, and on the basis of that we will come to know about current position of a company.
In March 2011 the value of reserve was 19,351 and its almost remain the same till March 2014, but now in March 2015 value come down to 14,196 which indicates this year there surplus was less than the past 4 years.
The amount of total debt in March 2011 was 14,638and it was approximately same till March 2014, but in March 2015 it was 20.080 that represents Tata Motors owe more loan from the market than last 5 years.
The total liabilities in March 2015 were

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