Case Study: Rethink Canada

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A company I would like to work for is Rethink Canada. Rethink is an advertising agency located in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal (Canada, 2016). The owner-operated company launched in 1999 in Vancouver by the founders Chris Staples, Ian Grais and Tom Shepansky (Canada, 2016). They offer jobs in departments like, advertising, design, social, digital, and product innovation. The company cares about their employees and well-being with focusing on work/life balance. Rethink has around 51-200 employees and is privately held (Corporations, 2016). In 2015, the company won bronze for the “agency of the year” award (Haynes, 2015). I want to work for them because they have similar values and missions.
Career Objective
My mission for my
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The first important goal is to earn a marketing diploma at Durham College in 2018. In the next few semesters, I will learn basic knowledge of web coding, adobe, and digital marketing. These skills are essential towards reaching my ultimate goal. Furthermore, art directors and their creative team needs to know how to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. By the time I graduate, I want to know and have broaden these skills. Secondly, when I graduate I want to find a job that evolves into an art director. To become an art director, I need to be a designer for typically between three to seven years (Sharavsky, 2016). Applying to jobs like a junior digital designer or graphic designer position would show that I have been in the industry and doing design for a number of years. After graduating I would like a designer job within three years. Finally, my last goal is to have an outstanding portfolio in the next seven years. Agencies now a days are not only looking for a physical portfolio, but also a website you created explaining your personal brand (Castillo, 2016). I want to work with clients and companies by creating advertisements and giving them business insights when …show more content…
During my process of finishing my diploma, I will be going to the computer commons twice a week to practice my designer skills. For this semester, the days will be Monday and Thursday due to a large break. For further semesters, I will find time during two or more hour breaks or after classes to exercise Adobe, web coding, and digital marketing. If however this plan fails, I will re-evaluate the time each week or look at continuing education for a year in fine arts or two years in graphic design. Next, I will be applying for internships and designer positions after graduation. I will be updating myself by applying to at least ten jobs once a week unless I find employment. If after a year of graduation with no job in the industry, I will broaden my search by also applying to small businesses and look at more locations other than just the GTA, and look for related positions like a creative director or a marketing coordinator. Finally, having a portfolio is an asset for an art director. To maintain my professional portfolio, I will update my website once a month and my physical portfolio twice a month. Nonetheless, if I do not have enough designs to update, I will need to re-evaluate. To do so, I will attend workshops on adobe and how to expand on portfolios. Networking and communicating insights with others is important to me. Bringing the experience of professional connections and creative team projects into my

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