Case Study: Recruitment/Placement Services

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Company Profile Recruitment / Placement Services offered
Our group of extremely skilled experts and our whole rich knowledge helps us to provide cost effective manpower placement services. We have worked with the top brands in the country and have a vast list of satisfied clients.
Below you can check all the positions for which we can find, shortlist and select the right aspirant for your company. We have a devoted team for specific industry vertical, which can recognize the exact tones of recruiting and finding the right aspirant for the required profile.
Man Power Placement Services:
• Top Level
• Senior Level
• Middle Level
• Junior Level

• Providing the HR support that helps commerce attain their vision.
• Committed
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Trimming and harder competition leads that the Human Resource function is under growing pressure to validate value, both in terms of competence and usefulness (Roberts, 2001). While nearly elements of the Human Resource functions may have always been completed by external service providers, Brewster perceives that a fresh dimension “is this finance-driven indication linking outsourcing to HR management – the clue that you can save a percentage of money by outsourcing” (quoted in Turnbull, 2002, p. 10). In calculation, outsourcing is realized as a way of rescuing Human Resource professionals within the client organization to accomplish the added consultative and strategic role of planning and applying plans meant at retaining the staff and improving its output. This basis is in line with Ulrich’s (1998) influential thesis of the 4 characters of Human Resource, in which he suggested that Human Resource should be a strategic companion, an administrative expert, an employee champion, and a change …show more content…
Research Methodology


Sources of Data the methodology used to collect the data in the organization is from two sources:
• Primary sources
• Secondary sources Primary sources include the respondents from whom the required information was gathered directly and emphasis was laid on their opinion. Data was obtained through regular interaction with the functional heads and the employees.
Secondary sources were the company manuals, Internet search and the existing Recruitment manual.
With the help of these two data sources all the findings, conclusions and suggestions have been derived.
Sample Design:
The sample size was taken as 35. The respondents were Recruiters of IT, ITES and Contractual/Temporary Staffing. The data was collected through questionnaire, which consists of 16 questions. The questions are personally asked and opinions were noted down so as to get immediate feedback.
The methodology used for the study is as follows:
 Questionnaires
 Observation Data regarding the study has been collected by the questionnaires and observations.

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