Essay about Case Study : Ramesh Patel At Aragon Entertainment Limited

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Ramesh Patel at Aragon Entertainment Limited

I will send an email to Jeremy Gibson requesting to set up a meeting tomorrow. Since we both work, I will ask him to meet after work at Starbucks. Meeting after work will allow Jeremy to be more relax and not to be worried about his work duties.

Convey Positive Intent
This is what I will tell Jeremy at our meeting: “Jeremy, thank you for making the time to come to the meeting. You are a very important person in our team and without your knowledge and input the team cannot succeed. I want to discuss how being unprepared for our meetings is affecting our team. Discussing this matter is important because we all want to succeed and make a positive impression to our company.”

Describe what you observed
This is what I will tell Jeremy on his actions: “Jeremy, as a team, we agreed on holding two-hour weekly meetings to share our progress on our parts and start compiling everything together. You were late and unprepared for the first meeting. I know you were on a tight deadline to do a quality control on another Aragon title, however, you were also unprepared for the second meeting. You struggled to answer basic questions, making it clear that you did not take the time to go over your part. You agreed on sending a quick write-up of your analysis before the next meeting and failed to send the data even though I stop by your cube to remind you.”

State the impact of behavior or action
I will state the impact of his actions…

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