Case Study Of The BSN Nurse

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Register to read the introduction… The bachelor degree is four years in length and the first two years are usually focused on general education at the collegiate level. (Creasia,2011) The BSN nurse education provides a foundation for future critical thinking, problem solving skills, logical thinking, leader and management skills, and effective communication.( Hardy)The BSN nurse has different job expectations, different levels of patient interactions and contact. BSN nurses manage the patient experience from admission to discharge in a largely unstructured environment that requires more direct, long term interaction with the patient. (Hardy) The BSN nurse also uses theory and research based knowledge in the direct and indirect delivery of care to …show more content…
Judy had three years of experience in the ICU setting. She had been a medical surgical nurse prior to her ICU transfer. The ICU at this hospital consisted of two associate degree level nurses and two BSN level nurses on my shift. I rotated three days in this particular ICU. I worked with Judy all three days of my rotation. I was excited about being placed with her for she seemed knowledgeable and skilled. We were given a male post trauma patient to work with all three days. This patient was a 30 year old male admitted for trauma related injuries and was considered unstable and was to be monitored in ICU. This patient had been involved in a motor vehicle accident and sustained some internal injuries. He was brought to the ICU after his emergency surgery for monitoring. On my first day I followed Judy and observed her nursing duties. She would always explain her reasons for her nursing implementations. She was always willing to stop and answer all questions I had. She effectively communicated with our patient and was able to answer all his questions in detail. Her nursing assessment was detailed and the notes were clearly written. The second day of my rotation Judy turned to me and told me you are the nurse today. She said I will follow you and help you today. I was scared but I did as I was told. She asked me many questions that day concerning my care. To this day I can still remember how many of those questions I didn’t know as a fourth semester student. She was very knowledgeable and always had a rational for all her answers and nursing implementations. The other two ADN nurses often looked up to her and asked her questions concerning their patient care. She never gave them the answers to the questions but would help them find the answers. She would have the look up the answers in books they had on the unit. On the

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