Case Study: Vince Patton

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Sometimes companies must go through a change. Vince Patton was the answer to RR Communications. His vision of a centralized system will deliver competitive products, value and a faster customer service experience. To achieve this goal Vince Patton fired the four divisional CIOs because they tried to sabotage the implementation. The DIOs believed that the centralized IT system would increase the bureaucracy and it would take away their powers.
One thing that they need to do is have an implementation strategy. This will be needed to get the support of the divisional presidents to move to a shared service center.
Implementation Strategy
1. Addressing the current situation – Vince Patton needs to address the current situation of customer complaints,
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The company’s standing with their customers is being impacted by having separate bills for related lines of business and poor customer service. These problems tend to drive customers away. Unhappy customers are a huge liability. They usually gossip and express the problems and lack of service to those that they know. This leads to a bad reputation among the potential customers, which hinders business and affect revenues negatively. With telecommunications being such a competitive marketplace a good reputation is a must. Along with the ability to provide new provisions of services, which will keep the business growing. Projects that could impact all divisions in a positive way will tend to get relegated to a lesser role because the communication and information pathways are not shared. The most prevalent problem is the lack of vision and common goals; if the organization has divisional focus then growth opportunities become greatly reduced. Also is division and contention among the divisions. In Vince Patton making a common customer service center they need to put in to place some governance mechanisms.
1. Create a partnership between the business and IT – this is an important partnership. It keeps both sides from diverting from the company strategy. Also a division in this area allows each side to do the least amount possible.
2. Identify roles and responsibilities in general – when people know what they are supposed to do and what is expected of them, they usually do a better job and feel a sense of pride and

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