Case Study Of Pappadeaux : A Restaurant With A Gap Tooth Smile, They Should Eat At Pappadeaux

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If someone wants some seafood that will leave their soul happy and with a gap tooth smile, they should eat at Pappadeaux. Pappadeaux is a famous seafood restaurant located all over the United States, but mainly in the southern states of the country. Pappadeaux is a restaurant with big, bold, red letters with a lobster located outside, in front of the restaurant.
When someone enter the parking lot they will have to park in the back, because it’s usually crowded and many people are eating inside the restaurant. They will see and smell the smoke coming from the chimney once they start walking towards the entrance. Once they get passed the big, beautiful doors, a kind and respectful busser will take them to a table or booth that will perfectly fit them and where they want to eat.
Once they sit down a joyful, enthusiastic waiter will ask them, “what do you want to drink” and if they want any if their famous oven baked bread. If they want bread, then the waiter will bring them butter to go with their bread. I advise that they do not eat too much bread and butter, because they do not want to ruin their dinner. Pappadeaux bread and butter will get someone full and then they will not be able to enjoy their dinner. Also, they should not eat too many crackers, because they will also fill up their stomach’s.
The waiters at Pappadeaux job is always on the line, because Pappadeaux also wants to have a high customer review. The waiters also get paid pretty decent sized tips, because they…

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