Case Study Of Myles Preddey, A And Healthy Resort Maintenance Manager With No Underlying Medical Issues

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Myles Preddey, a 42-year-old active and healthy resort maintenance manager with no underlying medical issues has found since taking a management role, his fine motor skills have started to decline due to spending an increasing amount of time in the office and less time performing active physical duties. He is concerned about his hand, eye & motor coordination skills and began throwing a ball at a target in his office to help him concentrate, keep active and help reduce stress. Myles requested assistance to improve his accuracy, aim and technique in throwing a small rubber ball from a standing position using a right arm flexion to a full extension and wrist snap motion and in turn apply this to start competing in social dart games. Myles aimed to achieve an accuracy of 15 out of 20 successful target hits in a single session at the completion of a 3-week timeframe. In order to achieve this goal, Myles will train 4 times a week for 20 minutes each session for a total of 3 weeks.

Myles performs the motor skill in a closed environment (no environmental variables present), throwing the small rubber ball from a standing position, feet flat on the ground and back straight using a forward facing bent arm motion with his right hand. Initial observation identified Myles applies a dart like action motion, drawing his flexed arm located in front of his body towards his eye and then releasing the ball in full extension in the direction of a 5 cm in diameter black…

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