Research Paper On Felons

Felons with a second chance
According to Bloomington housing authority “If a felon has engaged in any violent criminal activity, or in any other criminal activity that would affect other tenants’ health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises will not be accepted for public housing or section 8. Therefore, some paroles that have serious drug felons are left having no governmental assisted housing. As a result, paroles are stuck in finding housing in the privatized housing market, which can more rigorous when it comes to finding acceptance in housing. Many times in the private housing sector landlords are required to do a background check for each potential tenant. While performing the background screening landlords
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Furthermore, it is evident that the homeless population in Bloomington is suffering, due to the lack of affordable housing in the surrounding Bloomington area (Greenberg, 2010, pg. 21). In addition, to the lack of affordable housing Bloomington has array of different emergency housing services for the homeless, but lacks a program that promotes permanent housing (Greenberg, 2010, pg. 26). In fact, while I was volunteering for New Leaf New Life agency I had the chance to learn about the local housing issues that paroles face in the Bloomington community. I discovered that many governmental housing polices restrict paroles from applying for public housing or governmental assistance, like section 8. Therefore, there is an abundant need for private landlords to accept paroles as tenants because there’s no other option for paroles to consider. Since paroles cannot find permanent housing they either try to stay in emergency housing or remain homeless. Local private landlords also discriminate against paroles because of their criminal history. Paroles face rejection from privatized housing, and public housing, and governmental assistance. The best way to resolve this issue is to develop a program that guarantees to private landlords that paroles are genuine about their housing …show more content…
Moreover, the city of Bloomington has created a revolutionary class that will help assist paroles with planning and leasing out an apartment or a home. In the training process paroles will learn about credit repairs that will benefit themselves tremendously, what landlord expectations are, the paroles rights, and duties that they have while being a tenant. When the course is finished paroles will have a chance to apply for the “damage deposit loan”, which is funded by the “Housing First Fund Grant.” This grant opportunity was developed to help tenants retain housing after they’ve been evicted, which in all reality will help out with the stability of applicable permeant housing (US Department of Housing and Urban development, 2014, pg. 69). Even though the opportunities are present and are awaiting to help paroles maintain housing stability, most of them cannot retain housing because of their financial unstableness. In fact, majority of paroles cannot pay a security deposit for their first month’s rent, which makes privatized housing hard to obtain because programs with grant subsidies that pay for some of paroles rent payments are un-existent (US Department of Housing and Urban development, 2014, pg. 69). Furthermore, in order to improve parole

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