Sex Offender Registry

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As with many social problems, the question of labeling a sex offender on a national registry is met with many different options. The different viewpoints of the offender, the victim, the family, and the administrators of justice must all be taken into consideration. This can make it difficult to disperse a clear and uninformed form of justice in these types of crimes. Being placed on the national sex offenders registry changes a person 's life dramatically and I feel the punishment should fit the crime. They are restricted from living and working in certain areas that seem common to regular citizens whose lives are not under constant surveillance. As these strict rules are enforced in the lives of the offenders, they must struggle to find …show more content…
The awareness of the general public of the registry stands to show that sexulaly based offences are a particulary shunned crime in the general public. In general the average citizen likes to be updated on offenders who might have moved in next door. when considering the compulsion any parent feels in protecting their children. The beneficial aspects of the such a registry are clear. Being aware of your environment is crucial in protecting yourself and those you love from becoming a victim.

The family of victims would also strongly advocate the use and expansion of the sex offenders registry. Being witness to the emotional and physical pain endured by their loved ones exasperates their personal feelings for justice. But these feelings also handicap the family members from seeing all the facts in the case for what they
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Flyers were posted in communities and handed out at school. Sampled offenders reported that they lost jobs, were harassed, and had property damaged by citizens living near them (Frenzel, E. D., Bowen, K. N., Spraitz, J. D., Bowers, J. H., & Phaneuf, S. (2014). This is an example of the pains suffered by the offender. Some people believe that the pain of the offender is insignificant, but I argue to the contrary. Having the extra external pressure applied by the community, probation board, and difficulties finding work and stable living can cause a break in the offender 's mental status. A home is a staple of a person 's life having the comfort of a stable home is a necessity for successful reintegration into regular life. Housing is problematic for RSOs

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