Essay on Case Study : ' IIi '

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III At the airport, I caught a bus to the Detroit depot where I boarded another headed north through Saginaw and Bad Axe. We should have lived in Bad Axe I thought, and my thoughts made me sad as I took a seat behind the driver. The best thing about riding the bus was that the people who ride the buss had money problems or health problems; otherwise, they would drive themselves. Therefore, they kept to themselves and allowed the other passengers the freedom to remain silent. Bao had told me that he liked dark places because he felt hidden in the shadows. He said, “Airport bars are too bright. The lights hurt my eyes and make me feel vulnerable.” “I don’t have that problem,” I responded. “I think it started on this mission over the delta,” It was midday and the VC shot our chopper down.” “Fuck,” I said. “Fuck is right, Bao said, “We spent five minutes empty our machine guns. I must have used a million rounds. A hundred yards ahead I could see them coming.” “What happen, I asked? “Air Cav arrived and saved our asses.” “No shit,” I said? “No shit, Bao said, and I thought the press would have called Bao’s rescue a fortune of war, but it was luck. Although I experienced the horrors of combat, thinking about Bao’s experienced excited me; then, it made me sad because I recalled my buddies who died on patrol. I didn’t want to dwell on those memories and began to think about food. The best thing about flying was that the airlines fed you, and you could have a drink or…

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