Case Study: Harassment Or Teasing At Gust-Dickenson?

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Case Study: Harassment or Teasing at Gust-Dickenson?
The purpose of this case study is to analyze organizational situation. Consequently, the paper shall identify the issues, opportunities, and problems where appropriate and thus make recommendations for the actions that need improvement. As a management consultant(TEAM NAME) hired by Gust-Dickenson to investigate a recent conflict involving the financial service management, the “Toom” project team and the accounts manager I shall analyze the conflict and the associated situation with the aim of producing a report. Examination and Explanation of the Causes, Nature and Development of the Conflict
Having been assigned a new task in a Dutch-Canadian financial consultancy company, Georgina was transferred from Amsterdam to Vancouver headquarters for a unique project. She now worked under Bill who was the
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From the analysis, there is much political and power influence starting from Gust-Dickens Chief Finance Officer Mr. Harold. His influence is clearly recognized once Bill refers to Georgina who is the account manager for Project Toom as Brian’s wife. The influence in power is recognized further from the CFO who gets furious and the exits the scene and want’s to hear nothing more about her. The Chief Finance Officer also brags about his studies and knowledge insisting that he has a Master’s of Science in Finance from one of the leading Universities “Simon Fraser” and six years experience. Furthermore, he directly reports to the Chief Finance Officer of the institution. Therefore, a person calling him a “Tinkerbell” is not only an insult but disrespect too. This story appears to be multilayered based on Women in Leadership and complex. The story is based on gender, culture, and diversity within the organization and how this could be tolerated in multinational

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