Deloitte & Touche Case Study

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Internal Auditing of Financial Performance in Deloitte & Touche
Nowadays, the auditing is an essential in each company because it helps to prevent the fraud and monitoring internal control (Jeffrey & studioD, 2016). Our integrated research proposal contains why I choose both of the industry and organization. Also, I provide the SWOT analysis and what are some of relevant CLOs either from semester 7 or semester 8. Then, I write about the statement of the problem with the objective of the study and details of research which including the proposed methodology. In the end, I will write the conclusion and recommendation.
The UAE Internal Auditors Association IIA Global Affiliate was founded in 1995 so this parent company which
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For instance, Deloitte & Touche weak in restriction their regulatory which could promote competition easily.
Identification of three relevant of CLOs Sem 7&8
There are many learning outcomes course’s that relevant to this research proposal which are auditing and financial accounting.
In semester 8, I study auditing in general like concept of auditing CLO 1. It has three types of audits such as operational, compliance, financial statement and forensic audit. The internal auditors are one of types of auditors. Also, the internal auditing is a part of the internal control over the financial reporting. Moreover, CLO 2 which is assessing audit risk and audit evidence. The auditing has three kinds of audit risk which are inherent risk, control risk and detection risk. The concept of audit evidence is when the auditors auditing the record of financial statements of the company. As you know the audit evidence includes these types which are external confirmation, recalculation and analytical
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There is a lots information related to my topic like internal control which accuracy the accounting records. Therefore, I studied the principles of internal control activities. There are five components of internal control such as control environment, monitoring, control activities, risk assessment and information & communication.
Statement of problem The statement of the problem is internal auditors in this company has lack of evaluation and assessment of internal auditing in financial performance. If the companies don’t have internal auditing or internal control will face many problems even small or big corporations. So, internal control is really important to reduce the problems inside or outside the company. The purpose of this study is to know internal auditing of financial performance in Deloitte & Touche. Thus, how they apply internal control inside the company and how to control their problems.

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