Case Study for Organization Behaviour Essay

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Title of module: Organisational Behaviour
Name of the assignment: Final Exam

Organizational Behavior Final Exam
1. Summary of the problem as per the case study

CEO is resigning due to a brain tumor and the firm needs an interim CEO to run the firm until they find a suitable replacement. As I am the CEO I, What will I do immediately? How I will communicate with my current department and the rest of the company? What will be my key focus? Why? How will I accomplish your goal?
2. Introduction
In light of the key aspects (leadership, management, structure and culture) and using the assessment tools I have to make a plan for what I should do as a CEO.
3. Problem analysis:
To be in such position with no prior warning
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* To be # 1 in Middle East. * To be # 1 in the list of Number of Creative Staff. * To be # 3rd in the Landscape Market Sector. * To be in top 10 World’s 100 Largest Architectural Practices.

Strategy: * Reliable delivery of project as professional collaboration in the international market to lead to very successful project results. * Pulling together the best expertise into a project team, whether in design or management. * Joint Venture relationships and, Alliance relationships through our network of associates for project delivery.

* Facing creatively the project challenges. * Honesty in our services and professional integrity. * Multi-national staff delivers projects of all sizes for clients worldwide. * Combining the right mix of people, technology and expertise. * To enable clients to achieve the optimal return on investment by reducing and controlling costs, and delivering projects on time with the highest quality. * Flexibility of work teams that can integrate into a larger team in partnering and sub-consulting roles. * Concentrating on following the highest quality standards in design, documentation and project management.

KEO structure: KEO is matrix organization with organic organization chart model.
Deputy President
Director IT services Worldwide
HR & Administration Director
Finance & MIS Director
Asst Director IT Services

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