Case Study: Facilitate Counselling Process

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I would role play with Vera so she could get use to voicing her concern to her husband and not be afraid to do so. This would also help her overcome any fear she may have if he responds with anger and or demanding expectations of what she should or shouldn’t be doing. This is something I think needs to be addressed in order for her to archive her goals.

3. Interactional and systemic interventions This helps address relationship patterns with other people, tasks and situation’s, it may be ones of family, workplace, or neighbourhood settings or in a social situation in which the interactional patterns have been established.
The strategies will help Vara to eliminate old behaviour that where counterproductive and to develop new ones, they may also modify routines and habits with people around her.
Identify and briefly describe how you could help Vara to identify and use her unknown strength’s.

I would help her by pointing out her own achievement’s in the past, the fact that she had a career as a full time teacher and that she has managed to raise three children in that time, she can manage money well by saving regularly so she is more than capable of looking after the finances while living
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Confront her unwillingness to change and focus on what events have brought this resistance or reluctance.

Briefly describe how you could respond to this disruption in the counselling process.
I be up front and transparent with my client, explain the benefits, but the most important rule is to listen to them and their reasons for not wanting to be there, or not completing set tasks or goals. Sometimes it is just a matter of rearranging so that it fits into their schedule. I as a counsellor have to remember we are there to HELP the client, not push or cajole them into attending or completing tasks/goals. I would address the sense of hopelessness and uncertainty.

If they do not want help in changing their lives we cannot force them. Vara does want to change she needs encouragement, she is used to be told what and when to do it by her husband she has the strength to get a job and come to counselling so she wants to change…. Showing cultural understanding and revaluating her emotional and environmental

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