Case Study: Doves Campaign For Real Beauty

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Register to read the introduction… • How happy are they with their own beauty?
• How does a woman’s sense of her own beauty affect her well-being?
• What influence does mass media and pop culture have on the perception of ideal beauty?

StrategyOne worked with experts from Massachusetts General Hospital, the Harvard University Program in Aesthetics and Well Being, and the London School of Economics. The firm surveyed 3,200 women from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. The following were the most notable observations:

• Only two per cent of women described themselves as beautiful.
• 47 per cent said they were overweight.
• Media and advertising set an unrealistic standard of beauty
• Beauty could be achieved through attitude, spirit and other attributes that have nothing to do with physical appearance.
• 45 per cent believed that women who are more beautiful have greater opportunities in life.
• 26 per cent have considered plastic surgery.

Actions and
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Axe, being another product from Unilever, opposes completely the idea behind the Dove campaign. Many people see this opposing ideas as offensive, which has brought negative publicity to Unilever. In the end, Unilever is a big part of the beauty industry: “It is the world’s second biggest advertiser and manufacturer of skin whiteners, diet drinks, cosmetics, and other beauty products.” Many people are not taking so seriously the campaign for Dove, since the same agency worked on the campaign for Axe . Such divergent propositions send mixed ideas to the market, making them not want to purchase Unilever’s …show more content…
Regarding the statistics, just two percent of all requested women believe that they are pretty. So the main goal has to keep on tracking the 98percent that don’t believe in their natural beauty. That means to follow the started campaigns in TV, radio, in school as well as the catalogs for moms and daughters. The catalogs and workshops have to be updated frequently in order to provide the most actual information and service to the customers and to gain constant interest in it. The updates have to occur simultaneous to the launch of new products and thus to the development

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