Essay on Case Study : Dolphins And Personhood

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Dolphins and Personhood

Personhood can be a very controversial topic and in this case, it can be hard for someone to think of a dolphin as a person. A person does not only have to be a human being. A person can be defined as an independent intelligent being who is able to make life decisions while being self aware. A being that is able to establish connections with other beings and have those connections turn to relationships can be a person. They can also experience pain and feel different emotions and individuals can understand, communicate and manipulate situations. A person cannot just be any living being but one that meets this criteria. A dolphin can be described as a person for it meets this criteria of a person.

Dolphins are intelligent beings that live in the ocean and although logically they may not be seen as a person they can be said to be one. They are classified as mammals and have a life span of almost 20-40 years. Any independent being is able to make their own life decisions and they do so. For dolphins those decisions may be where to swim too or how many members to travel in groups off. None the less they make their own decisions and live their own lives. They travel in pods of typically 15 or more dolphins. A dolphin will spend hours a day with their peers so it is inevitable that they can make connections with each other. In turn those connections turn into relationships. Just as a student can make a connection with a fellow student in class because…

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