Essay on Case Study : Corporate Governance Of Sony

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Jessica Brinkley
Dr. James
OBHR 3300-012
18 September 2016
CSR Paper Sony is a business that deals with electronics like cameras, printers, TVs and headphones. Sony has seven key focuses. The first one is corporate governance. They strive to keep their governance system solid. The Board also sets the fundamental management policies for the Sony Company. Ethics and compliance is another one. They have applicable laws and regulations and they encourage employees to ask questions and they have a hotline that is monitored by a third party. Human resources trying to get employees to accept everyone’s differences. Responsible supply chain trying to fulfill their responsibility to society. They also strive to have the best quality for their customers. They also try to help keep the environment in good health for the next generations. Last is their community engagement by addressing the needs of communities.
Kellogg’s is a food company, they make cereal, granola bars, and healthy Special K products. Kellogg’s has 5 key areas they focus on. First is the marketplace which is the consumers of their products. Next is the workplace where the try to be diverse and keep employees safe. They try to reduce their use of resources while they make their products. Their goal for communities is that every child deserves to wake up and have a good breakfast. They watch what goes into their foods.
The stakeholders mentioned in the CSR is the employees. The employees are protected and looked…

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