Case Study : Consumer Demand : An Organization 's Success Or Failure

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OPITO Case Study
Consumer demand can determine an organization’s success or failure. Not only are consumer demands at the forefront of organizations’ business strategy, companies are looking beyond sales and also incorporating sustainable practices into their daily operations, which entail managing its local and multinational partners throughout the supply chain (Cruz, 2013). Furthermore, company executives are requesting real-time data on supply versus demand across all tiers of the supply chain - as a means of enhancing customer service, while maximizing profits (KPMG, 2013). As a result, organizations may seek the services of an industry subject matter expert, knowledgeable in the field of sustainable purchasing and supply. OPITO is an organization that provides support to the oil and gas industry in areas of assessing skills requirements, training, and workforce development, and understands that purchasing and supply - also known as procurement - is a multifaceted process (OPITO, 2016a).
The purpose of this paper is to recap an OPITO Case Study, which addressed OPITO’s approach to planning and identifying an organization’s functions and team members’ roles and responsibilities during the recovery of oil and gas reserves; all while maintaining a competitive edge. Furthermore, this paper will discuss the importance of sustainable purchasing and supply and how the right people with the right skills can develop an effective procurement process, as viewed through the lens…

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