Case Study : California Gun Control Essay

853 Words Dec 7th, 2015 4 Pages
Brennen Neeley
Writing Assignment 2
California Gun Control I have chosen to write about a very controversial topic, a topic that is relevant in every presidential campaign, a topic that truly interest me not only as a student but as a citizen, I am writing about firearm regulations. This topic also interests me as an avid gun collector. California has some of the strictest regulations on firearms and receives an enormous amount of scrutiny for having them. Unfortunately, this is the type of precautionary measure we need to be taking nation wide. Some of the policies i have written about include requirements of purchasing a gun, restrictions on the capabilities of guns available to the general public, and additional safety measures. California requires its citizens to pass a written safety test to prove their competence with fire arms. This safety test isn 't a test of intelligence, this test evaluates your understanding of the proper use of firearms. The test quizes people over valuable information every responsible gun owner should know which includes, gun safety rules, guns around children, firearms operation and handling, Firearm ownership and laws (Doj). These are just the basic principals of appropreate firearm use, the quiz continues to expand these points. This type of knowledge should be required nationally, the easiest point to make here is child safety. Having a firearm in a house hold with a young child poses an exponentially higher risk. Someone who is lazy…

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