Brian Hogan Family Case Study

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Family/Living Situation – Brian C. Hogans, Jr. is a 17 year old without children. He is the product of the marital relationship between his mother and father, Brian Hogans, Sr. and Natashea Hogans. Brian is his mother’s third oldest child, and has he a younger sibling with whom he shares a father.

Brian was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. He says his parents were married nearly 15 years and divorced in 2011. Largely raised by his mother, Brian lived with his father for four years off and on between the 2008 separation and subsequent divorce in 2011. He lived with his paternal grandmother for a year between 2012 and 2013 before returning to live with his mother. Brian describes his father as “all good now, but I don’t know.” Brian blames himself for his father’s resumption of crack use; Brian believes his father started using crack after Brian was incarcerated in July. The senior Brian reportedly has a decades-long crack addiction. Brian, Jr. notes
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On the night of the matter before the Court, Brian says he was “very high” on multiple substances.

Mental Health Considerations – Although Brian has been exposed to several types and incidents of trauma throughout his young life, he denies any mental health involvement. He also denies any mental health concerns for any immediate family. During a conversation with this writer, Brian agreed that he may benefit from speaking with a professional, but declined needing the input or support of a mental health professional at this time. It appears, however, that Brian struggles with the distance within his own family unit, and his current incarceration and criminal justice status.

Treatment – Brian was involved in sexual offender (SO) treatment while on juvenile placement and supervision. Brian successfully completed all programming and was discharged from juvenile supervision. He has not, to date, engaged in any other

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