Essay about Case Study : Apple And Samsung Electronics

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There have been a lot of ongoing law suits between Apple and Samsung Electronics in regards to the design of smartphones and computer tablets. Apple and Samsung are giant electronic companies which are responsible for more than half of the smartphones sold worldwide by July 2012. This batter all began in April 2011 when apple began its campaigns to sue Samsung for patent infringement. Patent infringement refers to committing a prohibited act in regards to patented invention with no permission of authorization from the patent holder. The latest suit was filed by apple on February 8, 2012. In retaliation, Samsung also filed counterclaims against Apple. According to Apple, Samsung had feature by feature copied Apple’s innovative products in a bid to grab some market share from it. This features included design and technology. In addition, the actual friction began way back in April 2011 when Apple accused Samsung of copying the look and the experience of using iPhones and iPads. To settle scores, the matter was taken to court for settlement (Barett, 2012).
In the courts, a nine-person jury ruled in favor of Apple. As a result, Apple was awarded $1.05 billion for the damages. On the other hand, Samsung which had requested for $421 million while staging its countersuit did not receive even a penny. This case was however reviewed in March 2013 after the two companies presented another set of arguments. Apple lamented that it was not easy coming up with its products, as it was very…

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