Case Study Analysis: New Recruiter Carl Robins

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Register to read the introduction… Upon acceptance of a position a drug screening should have been arranged. If a person wants a true test, they should be tested as soon as possible. This should have been followed up upon much earlier. The training room had been double booked for the time that was needed by Carl and Monica, with technology services for computer training seminars on the new data software implementation. This mistake perhaps falls on the Operations Department. Along with the double booking the training manuals failed to be kept up to standard and were missing pages. This may have been caught had the manuals been inspected after the last training class.
Carl waiting until after Memorial Day to attempt to finalize things has now caused serious time constraints on readying everything. It appears there is not any type of regularly scheduled meetings and little to no follow up by Monica with Carl to double check his progress
• Carl needs to get extremely busy now. He may have to notify Monica of his mistakes and get the advice and aide of some of his fellow coworkers. He may be working extra hours on his own time, meeting up with the new hires at their convenience to finish up the required
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• Lastly, hope there is lots of toner, ink, and paper, and start forming together the number of necessary manuals.
Here are my recommendations to prevent this in the future.
• Carl did not utilize his time properly to ensure everything was set up and ready for the new hires. Part of this may have been from his lack of experience in the position, but yet Monica had been in contact with him on May 15, going over with him what needed to be accomplished. Monica, knowing he was new, should have followed up with him to ensure things were going as planned. There should be at least a weekly meeting with office personnel in order to go over any issues that have risen. This also would have made Monica aware of Carl’s procrastination.
• If the application process had been followed by Carl it would have prevented a lot of the issues faced at the last minute. Before anyone is offered a position there should be a completed application and a copy of his or her transcript on

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