Case Study Analysis : Cemex Essay

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Case Study Analysis
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Issues that need to be corrected or improved
CEMEX has made tremendous steps in trying to have a constant improvement in the understanding climate change and the need to address challenges that they face. This understanding of climate change and the human-induced components of climate change were as a result of complex scientific work around the world. The general scientific consensus is that human activities pose major challenges to environmental sustainability, which has threatened the ability of sustaining the current and future generations. The world population is rising steadily, which has resulted in increases in production and consumption of goods, as well as the associated trade flows underpinning the efforts of growth. With the world population predicted to grow to over 9 billion by 2050, the demand and need for ever-improved living standards, mostly in developing countries will increase. The demand drivers have placed significant pressure on the biodiversity of CEMEX. The major issue that CEMEX need to improve on is in its efforts to demonstrate and achieve sound environmental performance. Efforts to improve on the issue should, however, be consistent with the company’s objectives on sustainability, and the issue should be addressed by controlling the impacts of their activities, products and services. CEMEX should find ways of becoming less-dependant on natural resources, and at the…

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