Essay on Case Study 8.2 – the Looting of Bell

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Case Study 8.2 – The Looting of Bell, California
Question #1: What signs of bad leadership do you note in this case? How much blame should Bell residents receive for the misbehavior of their leaders? Multiple signs of bad leadership behaviors were present in this case study. In summary, Robert Rizzo is an intemperate, callous, corrupt, and insular bad leader. He is intemperate, “lacking self-control and enabled by followers who don’t want to intervene or can’t, (Johnson, 2012, p. 248) because he didn’t know when to stop; he just kept taking and taking from the city. Rizzo started with writing his own employment contracts, giving himself raises and falsifying documents to hide salary information. Then, he was awarding city contracts to
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The challenge of information management came into play when Rizzo steered city contracts to friends. Whether they were awarded fairly or not, is the question. I would assume, if the city contracts were public bids, then Rizzo would provide information to his friends to give them a competitive advantage. Otherwise, Rizzo would have abused his power and privileges once again and illegally awarded bids to his friends.
Question# 3: If you were newly elected or newly appointed city official in Bell, what would you do to restore the public’s trust? Rizzo and his staff possessed destructive behaviors and had truly toxic leadership qualities. To restore the public’s trust would take time and strong ethical leadership capabilities. I think I would do the following things to help be both effective and ethical:
1. Share power, by delegating and collaborating instead of centralizing the power (p. 249).
2. Get real and stay real, by living in reality, addressing corruption and not allowing my own additions, self-destructive behaviors, and crimes taint reality (p. 249),
3. Remember the mission, by putting the city above my own desires (p. 250), and
4. Know and control my appetite, by not allow my hunger for power, money, success, or sex take over my life (p. 250).
Question #4: What steps can be taken to prevent similar fraud and corruption from taking root in other cities? This was

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