Case Study: 5 Most Common Face Washing Mistakes

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5 Most Common Face Washing Mistakes
The face lies at the heartthrob of your image: it is your front office. This is why you should accord it nothing but the very best of care. Now, caring for the face does not only encompass hitting it with the most expensive cosmetics. It also involves washing it correctly. You may underestimate the impact of washing on you face, but it is strong enough to sabotage all the effects your miracle products are supposed to give you. This is especially so if you do it wrongly. It is this idea of wrong washing that lies at the bedrock of our discourse: exactly when or how do you go wrong when washing your face?
1. Overly scrubbing it
When it comes to washing, you may think that scrubbing over zealously is
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Skipping the moisturizing part
Now, washing your face is good, washing it theright way better, but it is bestifyour seal the rightwashing with the application of a good moisturizer. This is because the washing will have scrapped the naturaloils from your skin hence leaving it dry. Even though the water you usewill hydrate it will only do so for a while then evaporate thus leaving yourskin dry. It is this dryness that will aggravate your acne if have any or foster a skin break out. However, do not apply the moisturizer very close to the eyes as it may cause puffiness under the eyes.
5. Using the wrong cleanser
Being a beauty enthusiast, you may have heard that you should never use normal soaps to wash your face and instead you should use a cleanser. However, you should notice that there are different cleansers for different types of skin. What this means is that you should only go for one that is made for your skin type. This is because a wrong cleanser can cause irritation, dryness or excessive oiliness.
And lastly, it is important to apply a safe sunscreen if you will be stepping out after washing your face. This will help you protect your skin from any skin discoloration that may result from the exposure to the sun.

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