Case Review: Norwalk La Mirada Unifies School District

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Norwalk-La Mirada Unifies School District (NLMUSD) is located in Norwalk, California, and is made up of one pre-school, three adult education centers, seventeen elementary, six middle, and five high schools. It services approximately 18,700 students from the Norwalk and La Mirada area, and has a large Latino population. School board meetings are held twice a month at the district office in the main board room (Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District website).
NLMUSD’s third board meeting was held on September 26, 2016, and was called to order at 6:30 pm with a seventeen item agenda. After the Pledge of Allegiance and approval of the previous board meeting minutes, the rest of the items on the agenda could be placed into
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Yes, the business department seemed unorganized and did not have adequate answers to many question, and the Soft Skills Program is at the beginning stages, yet, there was no reason to make district employees feel inept. The board member’s actions delineated from the presentation topic, set an uncomfortable tone across the room, and made the board seem more monetary than student focused. As a future educational leader, it is essential to work together with all stakeholders and board members. However, it is equally important to build a relationship based on transparency and respect, and join as one, to attain student success.
All in all, the Norwalk-La-Mirada Unified School District board meeting on September 26, 2016, had a heaving itemized agenda that seemed to be divided into three categories: recognitions, updates, and finances. Most of the items were reviewed quickly, however, fiscal matters was the concern of the night. Like many districts, organization of finance is extremely important and necessary to achieve a district’s vision. Nonetheless, without respect, transparency, and proper communication skills, a shared vision will only be a mere dream and student achievement will have little or no

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