Case Presentation : Identifying Client Information Essay

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Case Presentation

Identifying Client Information
The client is 21 year-old, homosexual male. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and has lived there almost all his life. The client is the eldest from three siblings. Client reported being raised by both biological parents until around age 7 when his parents got divorced. After the divorce, both, client and mother went to live to grandmother’s house. Client recalls being raised by his grandmother, as mother worked full-time. At around age 9, mother remarried again and had two other children. Client reported currently living with stepfather, mother, and siblings in a 2-bedroom apartment. He mentioned not having a good relationship with stepfather as they constantly “bump heads.” Client also reported having a good relationship with siblings, but not being very close to them. Client is a full-time student in community college and will transfer to a four-year university this year. He reported not having many friends or a large social network.

Presenting Problems
Client came to the Life Skills Center after being referred by psychology instructor as he mentioned some of his symptoms to him during office hours. During the initial intake, client reported feeling anxious and worried on a regular basis. He reported feeling constant worry, specifically when it comes to decision making. He mentioned it is really hard for him to choose when he has more than one option. He also reported feeling concerned about the…

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