Case Manager Ms. Gilgen For Intake Assessment And Initial Independent Living Plan

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Social Services: On 12/08/2016, client Lissy Figueroa met with assigned Case Manager Ms. Gilgen for Intake Assessment and Initial Independent Living Plan (ILP). Client is 21 years Hispanic female. Client has a 3 year old son named Maxwell. Case Manager asked client how and why she became homeless. Client stated that she was
Living with her mother; however her mother asked her to leave the premises. Case Manager asked client, why her mother asked her to leave. Client stated that they got into an argument. Client stated that they have been arguing on a daily basis. Client stated that she doesn’t want to raise her child in that environment. Client stated that she has being living with her mother all her life.

Meeting: During intake Client was informed and explained the Rules and Regulations of the facility. Case Manager also reviewed orientation packet with clients. Client agreed with all rules, signed forms and was issued a copy of all documents signed. Client was informed that she is to comply with the following: Client must meet with assigned Case Manager on a weekly basis. Client must refrain from committing acts which endanger the health or safety of others or that substantially and repeatedly interfere with the orderly operation of the facility, including violations of the facility rules; Client must actively seek or follow up on referrals to housing other than temporary housing; Client must cooperate in developing, carrying out, and completing an ILP together with…

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