Reflection Paper On Suicide

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• This past week has been quite eventful. During this time, we have had many new clients enter the shelter. A good majority of those clients have already been exited voluntarily or by a caseworker. Yesterday morning, October 11th, there was a verbal and physical altercation between two clients. Both clients were exited and placed into records to not receive any future services. On Thursday, October 6th, I was able to finally attend a prevention class with Darius and Renee. We ended up going back to the high school we had gone to previously. This time, the students were in session and we were able to teach them domestic violence prevention. I went with Darius to help teach his class. Darius and Renee are at this school every Tuesday …show more content…
I was definitely surprised by some of the questions that the students were asking. I had to remember what I had learned when it came to working with groups. It is important not to show too much emotional on your face because it could discourage, anger, or upset the clients that are speaking. This is important to do because if a client feels that they may be being judged negatively, then they may shut down. We did not want these students to shut down, because it would prevent us from giving them educated information and advice on dating abuse. The question that really stumped me was the one about suicide. I later discussed with Darius and Renee, how the student had said this was a situation that her friend was in. I told them how I felt that this was actually the student’s situation and not a friend’s. They said this frequently happens because students are too afraid to ask for themselves. During this question though, I worked very hard on keeping an attentive, nonjudgmental face. Hearing the students say they would rather stay in an abusive relationship then leave because of the possibility of their partner’s suicide was quite

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