Assisted Suicide Bibliography Essay

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Annotated Bibliography: Assisted Suicide
Evans, L. (2015). Nurses' attitudes to assisted suicide: sociodemographic factors. British Journal Of Nursing, 24(12), 629-632. Http:// /login.aspx?direct=true&db=rzh&AN=109814321&site=eds-live Nurses' attitudes to assisted suicide: sociodemographic factors is a research article which explores the factors that influence nurses’ attitudes towards assisted suicide. This research paper was designed to create a sociodemographic picture of the current attitudes of nurses towards assisted suicide. The author chose 16 articles as well cross sections from 11 countries for this literature review. Four common themes were found in the 16 studies and used as
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This article is a literature review in which examines the ethics of assisted suicide and nursing ethics. Assessed suicide is defined in this article is defined differently than euthanasia, assisted suicide is done only on the will of the patient as the patient must be able to take his or her own life. A nurses role then is supportive rather the active role in euthanasia. The article is based on problems involving nursing that occurred or would occur with Washington v. Glucksberg, which a case of assisted suicide several resources to support the writers stance on the important for the nurse themselves decide if assisted suicide as well as the nurses actual role in assisted …show more content…
In an online questionnaire was completed by 390 nurses. The questions on the questionnaire were related to socio-demographic information and the knowledge, attitudes and experiences of nursing professionals with regard the end of life decisions. The questionnaire was approved by a panel of experts and professionals to guarantee that the questionnaire was valid. The major findings in the study indicated that Andalusia should offer more education about issues pertaining to the end of life as many nurses showed lack of education in this

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