Essay on Case Manager For Intake And Initial Independent Living Plan

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Social Services: On 05/16/2016, client Shante Cameron and her children met with assigned Case Manager for Intake and Initial Independent Living Plan (ILP). Client is 25 years old African American female. Client has a 4 years old son named Toshan Hurd and an 8 month old son named Khaliq Marcus. Case Manager asked client how and why she became homeless. Client stated that on May of 2015 she entered the shelter system after an argument with the father of her younger child. Client stated that when she entered the shelter system she was found NOVA eligible; however on October 2015 she decided to move with her aunt. Client stated that on April 2016 she and her aunt got into an argument and was ask to leave the premises. Case Manager asked client if she ever rented an apartment before, client stated no. Client stated that prior entering the shelter system in 2015 she was living with family member in Virginia.

Meetings: Case Manager informed and explained to client that she is expected to attend all schedule ILP Review meetings with her assigned Case Manager for the purpose of assessing the family needs and barrier preventing the family to obtain housing. Case Manager explained to client that she is expected to cooperate in developing, carrying out, and completing an ILP together with facility staff to achieve permanent housing. Case Manager explained to client that if she failed to attend meetings without a valid cause, a warning will be issue for non-compliance. Client was also…

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