Essay about Case Manager Anya Lewis Common Ground Psychiatric Evaluation

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From: Common Ground
To: Cass Community Social Service
Name: DeAngelo
Case Manager Anya Lewis
Common Ground psychiatric evaluation 5/10/15 DeAngelo stated he was first introduced to psychiatric medication at the age of 16 due to depression and suicidal thoughts. The current diagnosed of Mr. Adams is major depression disorder, single, severe wo/psych and antisocial personality disorder, recurrent 7/21/2010 continuing on to 2/15/2016 major depression disorder. He attempted suicide and left a note when his brother put him out. He has a history of excessive alcohol however; he has been clean and sober for years he says. DeAngelo appears to believe he has 10 children from eight different women. Client came to Cass Community Social Services stayed in Rotation shelter and later CCSS Safe Haven were he continues to reside. He has been frequently admitted to the emergency services for Chronic Pancreatitis (HCC) which is heredity and he has infection of the lung with abscess. When his physical symptoms arise his major depression disorder sets in as well. 8/7/16 he appeared to be severely depressed, agitated, and barely could breathe wearing his mask) which he wears daily. He has continued to reside at CCSS Safe Haven until he finds housing. He has received his SSI and is currently looking for housing.

II. Identifying Information
DeAngelo is a 32-year-old African American male born in Alaska on 4/4/1984 raised in Detroit as a young child. He currently resides at the Cass Community…

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