Case Electrolux Cleans Up Essay

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Case 10.1: Electrolux Cleans Up

1. How did Electrolux Chief Executive Straberg break down barriers between departments? Why did he do this?
Straberg had to make changes at Electrolux because the sales were seriously affected by their competition cheaper products, stock rate was hardly maintaining itself. Straberg had to make changes to save the company for it to starting gaining sales and profits again. Strasberg needed new products to be formed but not just with one department of design and others implementing the design but together as a team. Hence, one of the change that he initiated was to break the barriers between departments to enhance communication, enforce collaboration between functional areas. This helps departments to
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It is a new way of doing things, employees feel fresh and part of the entire process. Hence have the urge to work hard to achieve success.

3. In an era with intense competition and several low cost products on the market, how can Electrolux use teamwork and groups to succeed?
Electrolux can use teamwork and groups for various tasks for example, producing new products, reducing costs and operational expenses. Having employees to work on teams or groups is effective as they are able to achieve larger and more complex goals than an individual. Having a team or group is having employees from different backgrounds, functional area or department who have different ideas, perspectives, experiences, abilities, knowledge to share and together achieve their common goal. It is important that teams and groups are given some power to share in the decision making and also interdependence. As long as the groups or teams follow the necessary steps that is the forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. Such groups produce successful outcome and overall the company’s cost reduce because teams perform to increase efficiency .
If Electrolux uses teams and groups then as a company it will perform better in every aspect, save time and money. The company has to ensure the teams or

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