Case Analysis : V. Jr. Essay

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This case involves a lawsuit brought by Kenneth Leitzen, Sr. and Theresa Leitzen, on behalf of their disabled son, Kenneth Leitzen, Jr. Kenneth, Jr. was diagnosed at birth with Downs Syndrome. Later, as an adult while residing at our client’s facility, he was diagnosed as being bipolar. His I.Q. was tested at 36 and our client’s documents indicate that he had the mental capacity of a seven year old at the time he moved into the facility. (Subsequent evaluations reveal that his capacity declined throughout his residency at our client’s facility.) As a result of Kenneth, Jr.’s bipolar disorder and related behavioral issues, his physicians prescribed psychotropic medications consisting of Depakote, Risperdal, its generic equivalent, Risperidone, and Zoloft. The plaintiffs allege our client was guilty of negligent and intentional conduct in that it failed to provide adequate services to Kenneth, Jr. and allowed him to be abused by our client’s staff and other residents resulting in the decline of his condition and behavioral changes thereby resulting in the prescription and administration of the psychotropic medications. Further, the plaintiffs allege that as a result of the unnecessary and prolonged administration of the psychotropic medications, Kenneth, Jr. suffered from severe side effects, including the onset of Tardive Dyskinesia, which can result from the use of Risperdal/Risperidone. The Plaintiff also alleged that Frances House violated the ID/DD Community Care…

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